Hove ‘N’ Late

     I hate you because you’re a bum, and you have a beautiful home.  I hate you because you’re poor, and you’re rich.  I hate you because you’re fat, and you’re skinny.  I hate you because you won, and you lost.

You think about me though so do you really hate me?  Hate is confusing, and it doesn’t make sense.

I love you because…

…..because you know none of that stuff matters.

Love isn’t confusing, it makes perfect sense.


Poetry In Motion

If I buy Soup,

You’ll buy the same one too.

If you see me typing on my laptop,

You’ll quickly run to yours too.

If I leave my house and walk to the store,

You like to race me there too.

You don’t have to follow me through the door,

You can do what you like to do.

Doggy, you can do what you like to do.


Do you want me to put you on a leash?

Are you a bitch?

There’s nothing to see here,

Just people living their lives.