When Barack Obama was in office trying to get Obamacare passed, I remember the outrage from American citizens.

“America has the best health care/ medical system in the world, why would we want to change it to be more like Europe or Canada,” the people were saying.

Medical systems around the world at that time were proven failures-the people were right. The majority of voters rejected the plan.

Well, they forced the bill into existence-a socialized medical system.

Do you think it’s a coincidence the world was faced with a “global pandemic” several year later?

How else is the government getting away with stay-at-home orders, forcing people to wear masks, and forcing people to get vaccinated?

They’re getting away with it because our medical system has been compromised. Our medical system belongs in a socialist country.

That’s why the individual feels helpless and bullied. Our medical system is about the collective now. That’s why they were able to get away with a psychologically abusive and manipulating advertisement campaign.

Do your part, help others.

Wear your mask, and protect the people you love.

Do your part, and get vaccinated.

All of those statements disregard and undermine the individual, while in a passive aggressive way, putting guilt on us.

It’s not good enough for me to wear a mask and protect myself, everyone has to wear it.

Socialized medicine.

How was Obamacare even passed? Do you think we can go back to our old medical system?

Medical Tyranny Getting More Tyrannical

Even though big business and government wants the global population to think they have to get vaccinated, the truth is that we can if we want, but we do have a right and a choice to not put anything into our bodies

We’ve seen the medical tyranny in Paris where the government is now requiring vaccination passports for citizens to travel, the United States, and almost everywhere else around the world where people are being forced to chose between working, traveling, going to school, and taking the diaper off their faces and getting vaccinated.

Delta Airlines is taking tyranny to another level now-they’re changing employees on the company health plan $200.00 per month if they do not get vaccinated against COVID-19.


Remember people, it’s your body, and ultimately, your choice. We have a God-given right to protect ourselves and our bodies, and if don’t want to inject something into our bodies we don’t have to. We put a government into place to protect these rights of the individual.

Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to care about what individuals want. Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to recognize God-given rights, or just the fact in general that no reason is reason enough to infringe on the rights of citizens.

I wonder, has Obama’s socialized medical system opened the door for companies like Delta to get away with something like this?

Delta Variant-Delta Airlines? Hmmmm?