P-Block, Lucifer, and the Pirates?

What’s up everyone, it’s your host here at Nooz Buffet, Francis LaManna, and a lot of people keep asking me about the P, so, I’m going to define what the P means to me.

We all know that hat and logo is the official hat for Pennsylvania’s own, Pittsburgh Pirates, the MLB baseball team. I have several versions of this hat, but my most beloved and cherished is the rare one you see in the picture. It’s a special addition with the Steel City logo engraving on the side.

I grew up in New Jersey, and because of that, I’m a Yankee and a Giant fan at heart, but I do live in Pennsylvania now, so I’m gravitating more towards the Pirates and Steelers instead of the Phillies and Eagles.

Now, I broke this down to my Publishing assistant last year, so, I’m going to do that for you as well. As an author and a writer, the fonts we chose for our work tells a story all by itself. In a way, a special font sets the tone for the content.

The same thing can be said with letter design and fonts for letters on hats. A lot of people don’t even think about this because we make decisions unaware of our inner feelings only to realize later on, that what we decided to pick, tells a story about us. For example, with the particular design you see in the picture above as opposed to the design of the P for the Phillies, you’ll notice the Pittsburgh P is harder, it’s edgy, and it’s bold. The Phillies P is softer, and it has a round go-with-the -flow feel to it. It tells a story about the individual who wears it.

Like I said before, people aren’t thinking about this why they’re buying a hat with a logo on it, and I never did either until I noticed a pattern in what I was personally attracted to. And once I see a pattern, I have to analyze it and figure out why.

Moving forward, and this again is highly personal as it came with spiritual progress. According to the Bible, the number 15 means, rest, which is kind of a contradiction because my Midheaven is on the 15th degree of Aries. Aries is fire and action oriented.

How does this all tie in? Element 15 is P, that’s phosphorus in the F-Block.

According to Wikipedia, phosphorus was first isolated as white phosphorus in 1699. White phosphorus emits a faint glow when exposed to oxygen, hence the name taken from Greek Mythology, Φωσφόρος, which means “light bearer” referring to Venus and the Morning Star.

I could get much deeper, but you see where I’m going with this. When you see me wearing my P, now you know, yes, I’m reppin’ Pennsylvania, but I’m also revealing who I am, and the spirit within.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

May the light of truth sustain the temple alter.