That Other Path

As I look in my book collection, I see authors like;

Glenn Sanderfur, Cal Garrison, Barbara Clow, Edgar Cayce, Bernie Ashman, Zecharia Sitchin, Colin Wilson, Rand Flem-Ath, Ann Moura, Robert Howell etc.

The list goes on, but as I look at this small but randomly handpicked collection, it’s obvious where my interests and passions are.

This is where the fun is and this is where the truth is-occult studies and mystical work done by people who weren’t afraid to follow their hearts and minds.

I’ve been laughed at and I’ve been called everything from crack-head to liar for the ideas I’ve presented, but I understand the pushback. People get comfortable, and as a result, become stuck in their own beliefs, so much, they don’t want to let go or be challenged in any way.

But look here, the world is changing. It says right in the bible, “ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find; remain sober minded for we’re in the end times.” The signs are everywhere everyday, but you’ll never see them if you’re controlling everything around you because you’re afraid.

The truth as they say, shall set us free, but truth is a narrow path. Everyday you walk that path, the system in which we live shovels piles and piles nonsense into it. They not only want to impede your progress and slow you down, they want to bury you!

I don’t ever tell anyone what to believe, but I just told someone close to me, when you wake up I’ll be here for you. He’s just now getting on his path. You’ll know when you’re finally on the path when you begin to have that inner feeling-like something is pulling at you, and this feeling that something bigger and more important is out there waiting for you. That’s the start.

I just want to say thank you to all the authors I mentioned above for their work and for having the courage to go against the grain. Being present in the here and now is important, but there’s a beautiful magical world out here.

A World Wide Thank You!

Every year I like to recognize those countries from across the globe that read and follow Nooz Buffet. I’m based in the United States, and so naturally, most of the traffic we get comes from within the U.S. but let see who’s next!

🔥👍South Africa




And there it is, the top four countries outside the United States that visit and follow along with Nooz Buffet!!

Thank You.

I’m grateful and appreciative, and I wanted to say thank you to the company I work for. I was hired a few months ago, and still, they were supportive and generous during this last two weeks when I was sick. I tested positive for COVID-19 on the 9th, and they allowed me the time I needed to get better without having to worry about working, earning, or keeping my job. Not having any other responsibilities when you’re sick but to get well, is what promotes and speeds up the recovery. Thank you.