Real Things Happen 😁😨😠

     About a week ago I had a doctor’s appointment but before going in to see the doctor I saw a woman approximately seventy years old get hit by a sports utility vehicle. She flew up on the hood and hit the windshield before rolling off and hitting the pavement.
Three months ago I went for a walk early one evening, and I was almost hit head on by a man driving a pickup truck. Apparently he was too impatient to wait in the line of traffic so he pulled the wheel right and sped up in the shoulder.  When I became visible in his headlights he pulled the wheel back left and smashed into the car driving next to him. I’m lucky. That was five minutes after I left my house.
Sometimes people are so caught up in their personal issues they forget to see the bigger picture. Life is short. Don’t forget to say goodbye or I love you or whatever else it is you think you’re too busy to say.

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