High School Wrestling in the Valley

Tis The Season!

High school wrestling in starting back up again in Lehigh County. Yesterday, Friday December 17th, 6 teams participated in the Gauntlet Duels at Blue Mountain High School in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania.

There were five rounds, the first beginning at 4:30 PM and the last concluding at 9:30 PM.

Teams- Allentown Allen, Blue Mountain, Pleasant Valley, Southern Lehigh, Stroudsburg, and Tri Valley.


Round 1– Stroudsburg 35 Pleasant Valley 25

Tri Valley 54 Allentown Allen 24

Southern Lehigh 40 Blue Mountain 27

Round 2– Southern Lehigh 42 Pleasant Valley 33

Blue Mountain 46 Allentown Allen 24

Stroudsburg 37 Tri Valley 36

Round 3- Pleasant Valley 54 Allentown Allen 24

Tri Valley 41 Blue Mountain 29

Stroudsburg 44 Southern Lehigh 25

Round 4- Tri Valley 35 Pleasant Valley 30

Southern Lehigh 72 Allentown Allen 0

Stroudsburg 37 Blue Mountain 31

Round 5– Pleasant Valley 48 Blue Mountain 15

Stroudsburg 67 Allentown Allen 6

Tri Valley 43 Southern Lehigh 27


  1. Stroudsburg 5-0
  2. Tri Valley 4-1
  3. Southern Lehigh 3-2
  4. Pleasant Valley 2-3
  5. Blue Mountain 1-4
  6. Allentown Allen 0-5

UFOs-The Most Recent Sighting

Mifflinburg, a borough in Union County, Pennsylvania was the most recent location for a UFO sighting early this month.

According to the National Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center (NUFORC), a triangular shaped object was spotted in the sky on August 19, 2021, by an unnamed source traveling on Forest Hill Road towards Route 192.

The craft had flashing lights, mostly green and white, in all three corners. It was traveling at a slow speed and at a low altitude.

The source continued driving and eventually, lost site of the craft.

The number of reports has been increasing over the past several years in the state of Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Parents Stand For Choice!

I just finished writing the post about the protesting in Paris over the mandated coronavirus health pass, which would require all citizens to get injected with the coronavirus vaccine before traveling. Basically they’re being forced.

While driving to mail a letter, I saw a group of people protesting, and I said to myself if they’re still out there when I come back, I’m going to stop.

They were, and I did!

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting members of both FREEPA.NET and FREEDOMFORCHOICE.ORG. The purpose of their peaceful protest was to stand and show support for the freedom of individual choice concerning mask mandates and forced vaccinations.

As parents, they’re concerned about what’s going on in schools concerning the curriculum (critical race theory) which borders on the line of psychological abuse. Their local school boards spent thousands on new text books without reviewing the content! And, they don’t want their children sitting in school all day with masks on.

I was proud to see these men and women out exercising their First Amendment Right, and speaking up for their children. Some were teachers and most of them were parents, but their theme was common; Freedom of Choice.

If you’ve been following NB, you know that I’ve been speaking up about the stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, and forced inoculation since March of last year 2020. You know about my situation at Amazon. I decided, after seeing new information about how masks were found ineffective against the spread of the virus, to not wear one. I was then threatened. “If you don’t want your job you can leave,” I was told after expressing my reason for not wearing a mask.

I understand and I can relate to what these citizens are trying to accomplish. Someone has to stand up, and someone has to start defending the Constitutional Rights of American citizens. Someone needs to point out government overreach both state and federal, Medical Tyranny, and Corporate greed.

Above all else, the children are our future. They should not be violated psychologically and mentally, bombarded with propaganda, or have their vision clouded in any way. They should have the ability to see the world and make choices for themselves without being the target of an adult with some personal or political agenda.

I hope the people with FREEPA.Net and FREEDOMFORCHOICE.org continue doing what they’re doing because they’ve done an amazing job at discerning the difference between the state government’s legal requests and those that are fear based. I look forward to our ongoing communications.

I would like to close with this. When I left the protest and walked back to my car, I saw some dirty scummy kid giving the middle finger to the group of protesters, and I just wondered how someone could possibly oppose what they’re standing for.