Conquer Karma And Master Universal Law

It seems like karma is a topic we never get bored of talking about so I would like to offer my opinion.

Freewill is part of what makes us human.  Everyone has freewill, its an inherent right within us to do whatever we want.  By doing whatever we want I mean making decisions that are in our best interest; choosing what’s most beneficial to us.

I think karma is random but comes into play when freewill is deliberately interfered with.  In my opinion, I think karma has more to do with right and wrong behavior.  People who are sincere and humble are usually on the favorable side of it.  If life continued on a daily basis and no one was around to enforce rules or govern, I think humanity still functions under some type of cosmic governance or universal law.

That’s pretty much it.  As complicated as this topic appears to be, it’s really simple.  If you want to be on the favorable side of karma then you must absolutely be a person who’s humble and sincere. 

If you’re not or haven’t been on the favorable side of karma then that’s unfortunate.  I hope you figure out a way to get there.  Like I said earlier, this is just my opinion however, if you agree with what you’ve read so far then maybe you’ll be open to some advice.

Moving forward, be observant of your thoughts, intentions, motivations, and reasons behind the decisions you make.

Did you exercise your freewill to make decisions that were in your best interest, or did you decide to go out of your way to do something that prevented someone else from experiencing good fortune?

Remember, humility and sincerity are qualities that describe who we are as humans.  What kind of person are you?  Are you spiteful?

Write in, and tell me what you think.  How do you describe karma?  Did you have some experiences you would like to share?

If you’re still with me and still in agreement, then look out for “Conquer Karma And Master Universal Law 2.”

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