NCAA College Football

Another week gone by, three to be exact since we started tracking the undefeated teams in college football.  Like I said, this wasn’t a ranking of any kind- just a compilation of unbeaten teams.

This week I realized that there are more undefeated teams that were not on our list because they weren’t visible outside the top 25.  Moving forward, as teams lose and things get shuffled around, new teams like Cincinatti who are also undefeated will appear in the top 25.  The point I’m trying to make here is that our list might actually increase after each weekend, it’s all good.

Who lost? LSU beat Georgia 36-16, Colorado lost to USC 31-20, and West Virgina lost to Iowa St. 30-14.

Winners! Alabama won 39-10 against Missouri, UCF won 31-30 against Memphis, Notre Dame beat Pitt 19-14, and Ohio State beat Minnesota 30-14.

Clemson and N.C. State had byes this week, and Cinncinatti is our new undefeated addition.

Without any further explanations or clarifications…

The New List

  • Alabama (7-0)
  • UCF (6-0)
  • Notre Dame (7-0)
  • Ohio State (7-0)
  • Clemson (6-0)
  • N.C. State (5-0)
  • Cincinatti (6-0)

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