Dieting, Do It

Many years ago I read an article from a health magazine that discussed the importance of eating every two hours.  It said eating small meals every two hours throughout the day promoted lean muscle growth, and sped up the body’s metabolism.

This made a lot of sense, and I stuck with it for almost ten years.  So it is true, and it definitely works.  Dieting in general can also be important depending on our personal reasons for starting one.  Some people diet because they may have an illness, and certain foods may aid in the recovery.  Others may start dieting just lose a few pounds and trim up the old spare tire.  Either way, dieting and changing the foods we eat is always a good thing.

Creating a personalized diet plan can be a fun process.  Take the time to look through magazines and books, and watch videos for fresh and new ideas.  Videos are getting popular.  I guess it easier than researching, but videos can no doubt provide us with excellent tips on dieting routines and food variety.

When you’re all set and have your diet written down, follow through with it.  Don’t let a busy schedule deter you.  Buy a cooler if you have to.  Pack it with ice and load it up with all the meals you’ll need until you return home.  There’s no excuse.  😁

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