NCAA College Football

We are now four weeks into our coverage of NCAA College Football’s undefeated teams, and after this past weekend, our list is down to five teams.

Cincinnati broke into the Top 25, but their stay on our list was brief thanks to Temple.  Yup, the Temple Owls came through with the upset win against Cincinnati in overtime 24-17.

Many people thought N.C. State was capable of beating Clemson, but exactly the opposite happened.  As a matter of fact, Clemson not only improved their record to 7-0 this week, but after blowing out N.C. State 41-7, they also silenced a lot of critics and proved they’re a top contender for the National Championship.  Uh oh!  Move over Alabama?

Notre Dame (7-0) had a bye,  Alabama beat Tennessee 58-21, and they’re now 8-0, Central Florida beat East Carolina 37-10, and our new team this week is South Florida.

The University of South Florida defeated Connecticut 38-30.  They’re currently ranked twenty-one nationally and 7-0.  Welcome!

The New List

  • Alabama (8-0)
  • Clemson (7-0)
  • Notre Dame (7-0)
  • UCF (7-0)
  • USF (7-0)

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