Spirituality VS Religion

Interesting topic for sure. What’s your opinion?

Nooz Buffet

I’m not religious I’m spiritual.

I’ve heard people say it.  It’s a statement that usually breaks a crowd in 3.

A third of the crowd agrees, “Yeah me too man.”

A third of the crowd disagrees, “I’m both.  You can’t be spiritual without being religious.”

A third of the crowd pleads the fifth.

This is a topic that’s widely open for debate, and it has been for a very long time.

What does it mean?  Is there a difference?  Can you be one and not the other?

In my opinion spirituality is active.  It’s personal and enthusiastic.  It’s meaningful to the person like an inspiration or being inspired.

Religion is centered more on personal belief in a God or higher authority.  The follower, in attempt to be more God like, follows guidelines, rules, or holds a belief.

In my opinion you can be spiritual and not Religious.

What do…

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