Guessing Game

There was a dusty deck of 52 playing cards sitting on an old table.  I told the person with me to guess what card was on top.

“Ace of Spades,” he said chuckling to himself.

Then it was my turn.

“Seven of Diamonds,” I said.

I flipped the card over, and you bet your ass it was a 7♦️.  I went apeshit.  It was definitely a good guess, 1 in 52 apparently, and there are some specific “mystical” properties associated with the seven of diamonds.  There’s special and specific meaning attached to all the playing cards, but it’s the fact that I drew that card, on that day, in that place, and at that time that validates and brings life to the meaning behind it.

So let’s examine.

The apartment I found the card in was near the corner of Seventh and Turner St.  (Turner/I turned over the card, 7♦️ on 7th St.)

My birthday is on the 7th of February.

According to the Life Spread, the 7♦️sits right next to 5♠️, which happens to be my personal card based on the day I was born.

I just met a person who lives in Seven Spring.

Amazing.  I’m sure this list will continue to grow, and there’s a lot I’m leaving out, but you get it.

How about that guess though?

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