Happy New Year 2019

What is going on?  It feels good to back writing again after a two-week layoff, or vacation I guess I should say.  How were your Holidays?  What did you do for New Years?

I know it’s only the second day of the new year, but don’t forget about those New Year Resolutions you’ve made.  The fun part about this is that I’m right in stride with you.  I let myself go over the years.  I’ve made some bad decisions.

I’m back though, and you’re back too!  If you followed the blog last year than you noticed that there were several articles concerning mental and physical health, and that’s where we’re at now.  That’s where it’s at in general.

Twenty Nineteen is going to be about overcoming and persevering.  It’s time to get ourselves back in the right frame of mind, and get back in shape physically.

All of those things we gave up on and let go of over the last ten or fifteen years we’ll reclaim this year if it’s beneficial.

I don’t like to look to far ahead, but there’s a lot going on this year.  Don’t forget about us here at Nooz Buffet.  Make sure you check in with Table 7 regularly to get the latest information, news, and ideas.


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