Saint Valentine

Some people celebrate it, and some people don't.  
Some people did, but now they won't.
Either way,
Happy Valentine's Day!

-Francis Joseph LaManna

I feel like when I was younger, the celebration of Valentine’s day was much more popular. I can’t say for sure if it’s losing in popularity, but it seems like everyone I talk to nowadays isn’t really into it.

I don’t judge though.

So, Valentine’s Day, the day we’ve all come to know and associate with chocolate hearts, roses, and giving extra special love to that special someone in our lives is really about the commemoration of Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was born in Rome around 226 AD, and it was “courtly love” that was attributed to him. It was about chivalry, and being a gentleman, and the things that Kings and their soldiers would do for the women they loved was to be recognized.

Can you imagine living during a time when you would leave your wife to go fight a war for the survival of your village and have no way of calling home, telling her when you’d be back, or if you were injured? Yes, it was a time of uncertainty, but it was a time when love was honored.

Saint Valentine was eventually martyred on February 14, 269 AD, but it took another two-hundred years before his day of commemoration was established under Pope Gelasius I in the year 469.

I hear lots of people talking about how “marriage” doesn’t hold the meaning it once did, or that mental illness is becoming such a big problem. And, love! People are always complaining about love. Where is it? I don’t feel it?

Well, did you know Saint Valentine is the patron saint of happy marriages, beekeepers, love, epilepsy, and mental illness? Yes, he is!

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Just because you aren’t buying our mainstream version of what Valentine’s Day is or has become, that doesn’t mean you can’t pray to Saint Valentine in the privacy of your home.


A Beginning Ending in Darkness

December 22, 2022

Intro Story

Luger sat contemplating his future. Days and nights were passing by at warp speed as he applied for one job after another. Amazed, he could do nothing but laugh as the bills were piling up on his desk. “Why do the bills seem to come in faster when you don’t have money to pay for them,” he thought to himself.

He took a deep breath in, held it, and exhaled. The pressure was mounting, and this is how he coped with that feeling in his chest. Every night, as he lay in bed starring at the ceiling, he thought about how he could change his life. He needed a fresh start- a new beginning. Or maybe, he needed to just keep trying and pushing. He didn’t know anymore. Then, something pulled him out of bed at three o’clock in the morning, and he found himself looking out of his bedroom window starring at the sky. The thin slice of light in the heavens marked the end of the current moon cycle, for tomorrow, it would be dark.

Moon Analysis

Tomorrow night (December 23) as the sun sets in the evening on the second degree of Capricorn, and the sky darkens, the stars shine extra bright in the absence of moonlight. The new moon in Capricorn will be last new moon of the year leaving us feeling like it’s the beginning of the end. Literally, it is. We get a new moon-a new beginning that will carry us into a new year as 2022 closes out and comes to an end.

There’s definitely pressure mounting, but we block it out for the sake of the holiday season. We’re feeling grounded, and our approach at this time can be purely sensual. We want to laugh as we gather with friends and family. We want to enjoy the moment and take in the beauty that surrounds us. Christmas music, good food, colorful lights, kissing under the mistletoe; we bask in the spirit.

Something deeply important is masked by it all though, and we’re feeling that as well. The cardinal quality of Capricorn bestows us with leadership energy and an enterprising attitude, which will come in handy as we address issues pertaining to our reputation, career paths, and public image. Those are all 10th House issues, the home of Capricorn and her ruler, Saturn.

This is the perfect time, if you can, to meditate and pray. Go within, go deep within and ask for guidance. You see, most of us will head into 2023 with a list of things we want to change and goals we’d like reach. Every year, we have new year’s resolutions, and like an annual tradition, most of us will come in like a lion but go out like a lamb; meaning, half way through the year we’ll have forgotten about what we set out to do or change.

It’s different now though, and that’s because of the new moon. Instead of generating a list of things, pick a few that are really important to you. Concentrate, and plant those seeds. The point is to create your new beginning now, so when January 1st arrives, you’ll already be in flow! That’s quite an opportunity.

Capricorn’s influence on the lunar energy is persistent but patient, steady, consistent, and dependable. We take advantage of every opportunity on our way up. There will be obstacles, and there will be limitations, but discipline will help us overcome. For tips on how to deal with Saturn’s limitations at this time, we can look to his position in Aquarius. It’s really interesting how Saturn at one time, ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. He rules Capricorn now, but in a sense, he returned to his old sign for this year’s end.

As 2022 comes to an end, and darkness descends upon us, we can’t help but think about a new beginning, but this year, we’re focusing more on the beginning gifted by the new moon, not the one marked by the calendar. And it only makes sense to do so because every new calendar year comes to an end-it’s a never-ending repeating cycle of beginnings and endings.

The moon isn’t going anywhere and the opportunity it’s giving us now involves the creation of a beginning that will last forever.

Story Ending

I guess we’ll find out what happens to Luger in 2023. 😉

And now, I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday season, and blessed new year. It’s a tradition here at Nooz Buffet for us to take off the last week of the old year and first week of the new year. It’s well deserved and this year will be no different. So, you won’t see anything new up on here until the second week of January.

Friends, Followers, and Fans, I love you, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for another amazing year, and I’ll see you in 2023.

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All Hallows’ Day

All Hallows’ Day, or All Saint’s Day is a feast day of the highest rank according to most churches in which all the saints are honored. That “Day,” on our calendar, is on the first of November. So, November 1st (11/1, or 111) is always All Saint’s Day, but the day of the week it falls on changes. This year it will be celebrated on Tuesday.

I digress here, but I was just thinking about the order of days revolving around All Saint’s Day when I was growing up. October 30th was Mischief Night, October 31st was Halloween, and All Saint’s Day was on November 1st, but for some reason, no one ever seemed to mention or make a big deal out of the day on 11/1. Maybe it’s because people don’t like mentioning or talking about the dead. IDK, but a little while ago I thought about this: What if at one time Mischief Night, in some weird or twisted society was about sacrificing the martyrs? It would make sense in the order according to days. Mischief Night would be sacrificing the martyrs, Halloween would be about dressing up as ghouls and ghosts to imitate the dead, and All Saint’s Day would be about honoring and remembering them.

Teresa of Avila with Halo; By Nheyob – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about here was the saints themselves. If you look at the pictures of saints, you’ll notice that disc or halo around their heads. That halo was drawn on purpose to reveal that persons closeness with God.

Yes, that’s true, and in a subtle way, it was reinforced in the Celestine Prophecy, a movie by James Redfield. It has been said, time and time again, we live in a modern world that’s designed to try to prevent men and women from connecting to source because without divine guidance, were lost and have to rely on man’s system. But, I would like for those who celebrate All Saint’s Day to keep something in mind, while we celebrate the saints of our past and ancient history, there are saints amongst us today that are living. A connection to God or source is something that can be achieved if one seeks it.

It’s interesting to note here the numerological and spiritual meaning behind the number 111. If you keep seeing 111, maybe as apart of an address or as a time on your clock, it is an indication that your guardian angels are trying communicate with you. I always believed 111 to mean new opportunities were on the horizon for you, or that a door was opening to give you a fresh start and a new beginning. Those in spiritual circles believe 111 represents the time of a spiritual awakening for the individual seeing it. As part of that awakening, the seer has an opportunity to begin shaping their reality.

If November 1st or 111 marks the beginning of a spiritual awakening, it seems perfect as it coincides with us honoring saints who have or had a connection to God. What better way to begin a spiritual quest than by honoring those who came before us?

Today is October 1st, and the Fall season arrived in September. We’re entering a unique time of the year filled with warmth. Enjoy everyone, and thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet.

Independence Day

With LIFE, LIBERTY, The PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, and SOVEREIGNTY amongst the people, those of us here at Nooz Buffet would like to wish everyone a happy Independence Day.

Today is about your freedom as an individual. It’s about you having the ability to enjoy and exercise your God-given natural rights as a human being. It’s about a quality of life free from control, tyranny, and oppression.

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Groundhog Day

Today, February 2nd, is Groundhog Day! Groundhog Day is popular in North America (United Sates and Canada), where the prediction of seasonal weather is dependent upon a groundhog and his shadow.

As the tradition goes, on February 2nd if a groundhog emerges from its burrowed home and sees his shadow, he’ll retreat and there will be six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, it is believed that spring will arrive early.

Here in Pennsylvania, Phil saw his shadow. So, we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Yay.

A Special Time

Here we are, 26 days into the new year, and in five more days, it will be February. February has also been a special month for me. Of course, it’s my birthday month, and for Aquarians in general, but there’s more.

February is the month with the least amount days; it’s unique and stands out from all the rest because it has only 28 days, and because of this, it’s the only month that receives a very special additional day (29) once every four years when there’s a leap year.

February is also black history month, Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, and President’s Day is on the 21st. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Valentine was an actual person; he was a Saint, Bishop, and Martyr. Saint Valentine was born in the early 200s AD, I think, and he lived in the area of Italy during the Roman Empire.

Famous people born in February:

Gertrude Stein February 3, 1874, Rosa Parks February 4, 1913, Laura Ingalls Wilder February 7, 1867, Thomas Edison February 11, 1846, Charles Darwin February 12, 1809, Galileo Galilei February 15, 1564, George Washington February 22, 1732, Elizabeth Taylor February 27, 1932, Ice-T February 16, 1958, Ashton Kutcher February 7, 1978, Michael Jordan February 16, 1963, Chris Rock February 7, 1965. and the list goes on and on for a very log time.

February is the last full month of winter, and it is also considered the month of purification! When you have some free time, take a look at all the famous people who were born under the same astrological sign as you. It gives a little guidance and a little insight into what abilities and talents you might have as well.

Alright my friends, have a wonderful evening.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, January 17, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. MLK was born on January 15, 1929, and he lived until his assassination on April 6, 1968. King was a major voice and a leader during the American Civil Rights Movement during the 50s and 60s. Despite coming to light during violent times, King himself was not a violent man. Non violence and civil disobedience are how he got his points across.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Big Bang Return; Happy New Year!

Let me begin this post by saying Happy New Year! It’s 2022, and I’m excited. I’m excited for the start of a brand new year, and I’m excited for the opportunity to be writing again. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was not to write.

I was driving on the evening of 12/30/2021 when I saw this truck next to me at the red light. I took as a sign of hope for the New Year. Spiritually speaking, the anchor you see there means voyage, rest, problems solved, and security.

Every day I’d look at my laptop, and have to fight the temptation to post. “We’re off until the 6th of January, I kept reminding myself-this is a break, it’s a break that’s necessary, deserved, and it should be enjoyed.”

And I think that’s how we should look at breaks or vacations in general. A lot of people feel guilty when they’re on break, but that time away is just as important as the work we do all year. If I could make a gym reference; some people who lift weights, usually the beginners, think they have to lift weights every single day of the week to get the results they’re looking for. And then one day they get tired and burn out. That’s when they research and discover the importance of taking a break and putting time in between their workout routines so they can recover and heal. The break is actually the secret that promotes growth. Getting in shape is 50% physical and 50% nutrition and rest.

In preparation for the upcoming year I treated myself to a full body-deep tissue massage for one hour. I went to Artisans, and it was absolutely amazing.

I won’t feel guilty anymore and neither should you!

Okay, lets look ahead a little bit. New year resolutions-do you have some? What would you like to accomplish? What do you want to change, preserve, throw out, or add to your life? Are you in a better position right now, January 5, 2022, then you were on this day in 2021?

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”


On the basis of government’s role in America; If some of our Founding Fathers and early presidents were Freemasons, and Freemasons were at one time Templar Knights who were established to protect the innocent traveling to the Holy Land, then doesn’t it reinforce the establishment of our government with the purposes of protecting the people and promoting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? It does, but I never looked at this way until I started watching shows about the Templars.

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One of our final posts of 2021, was very brief. It’s possible you scrolled past it and didn’t even notice it was there, but it was. “NCAA College Football Money Picks” We picked Alabama over Cincinnati with Cincinnati getting 13.5, and that covered. If you paid the one time subscriber fee, then you saw the second pick; We picked Michigan getting the points against Georgia, but Georgia clobbered the Wolverines and we were 50% against the spread.

During the next NCAA College Football season, we are going to pick 10 games every week. This is for those who love wagering up on a game, and trust me, we crush the spread. We’re going to give you our 10 picks for free for the first two or three weeks. After that it will be $10 per week (premium content fee) for our 10 BEST PICKS. Test it out, and take our picks. What do you have to loose? See how we do, and if you’re satisfied, stick with us. Let us make you money!

I was listening to Jimmy Church, he has a podcast called Fade to Black, and he said if you cover your house with 2,683 LED lights your house will be visible to the International Space Station! I thought that was interesting.

Well, it’s January 5th, and we are officially saying Happy New Year and this is our return and first post of 2022. It’s a little late, but we’re doing it right this year. Over here, this is what 2022 will be about; If you’re not a follower, and you have a hard time working or doing anything under the watchful eye and guidance of another, 2022 is about you stepping up and taking the reins. Whatever your issue is, 2022 is about you finally doing something to change it. Take the reins!

Have a blessed evening and a great day tomorrow.