Dichotomy- Chapter 5

a short story of good and evil

Chapter Five


“How could you be so forgetful,” Baxter asked.

“I don’t know I was thinking,” Guy responded.

Baxter was someone that many people looked up to.  He was on the side of bad, but he was a really good leader.  The seventh house was his, all thirty degrees.  Baxter was respected and trusted because he was the most knowledgeable man around.  He knew the zodiac like no other, which was probably the most important thing since both good and bad were using it for traveling through time.

“It’s not like you to forget.  Do you realize this is the fourth time you traveled through this portal, and you came back empty handed all four time,” Baxter reminded him.

“I know Baxter, I’m really sorry.  There’s something wrong though, this isn’t like other missions,” Guy explained.

 “Well Guy, I don’t know what to say here.  You leave prepared, you know what I expect, and you know what you must do, but for some reason it doesn’t get done,” Baxter’s voice was increasing gradually.

“There’s something that happens to me when I’m on the other side.  When I come back here I’m confused,” Guy explained.  “I’m here though.  I mean I come back all the time.  I don’t remember much about where I came from or what I did, but I’m here.”

“I’m not a fucking psychiatrist Guy, what are you trying to tell me,” demanded Baxter.

“I’m saying at some point during my mission I forget the objective.  There’s something that sidetracks me, or pulls me away from completing the mission,” said Guy.

Guy was supposed to bring back the Scales of Justice.  The Scales of Justice symbolize power.  It represents judgement and balance, and Baxter had to have it.  Yes, Baxter was the Bright and Early Morning Star and the ruler of Libra.  He obviously didn’t know about Maureen or who she was personally, but it didn’t matter.

Baxter had to get involved now.  He had to go and recover the Scale himself because Guy was losing.  The love he shared with Maureen was too strong it was turning his brain to mush.

“Look Guy, we need the Scale, and we don’t have time.  The rotational period of Mars is almost two years so if you come back with nothing again we’ll have to wait a very long time to make another run at it.  Who knows where it will be then,” Baxter was just trying to reach Guy at this point.

“Okay Baxter, I understand,” reassured Guy.

“Good because I’m going alone this time,” said Baxter.

“Please, take me with you,” Guy pleaded.

Baxter starred at Guy as he thought about his request.  In any other situation someone in Guy’s position would’ve been replaced immediately, but Baxter knew Guy wouldn’t compromise a mission intentionally.

“I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness, but I’ve decided to go alone this time,” Baxter responded.

Guy remained quiet with his head down.  Then, he looked up at Baxter and nodded his head in acceptance.  Baxter sat back down in his favorite chair and took in the silence for a moment.

“I like you Guy, I really do.  You’re welcomed to come and go around here as you please, and that won’t ever change.  Please, don’t take my decision personally.  This war we’re in right now, it’s like a chess match,” Baxter was actually taking some time to talk with Guy on a more friendly level.  “Please, have a seat Guy,” insisted Baxter.

Baxter’s office was dim but really clean.  It was also very organized, but what else would you expect.  It’s natural for someone like Baxter to have his shit together.  There was a really comfortable looking leather chair facing the corner of the room.  Guy turned it around and positioned it across from where Baxter was sitting.  As Guy sat down Baxter stood up and began pacing with his arms folded across his chest.

“We can do whatever we want, but there are certain limitations, or maybe delays is the word I’m looking for, Baxter explained.  He was getting into one of his moments of deep thought and inspiration.  “Good versus bad, bad versus good, that’s how we see ourselves you know.  That’s how we describe our war, but we are all awakened.  We’re alive and intelligent.  All of us.  Who can say what we do is bad?  Only those who oppose us, which of course makes them good.  You have to laugh Guy.  Seriousness is a breeding ground for problems,” Baxter shared.

Guy was listening as he swayed from side to side in his cool leather chair.  Guy and Baxter were friends, brought together by recent circumstances that turned both their worlds upside down.  To be honest there aren’t too many people who have childhood friendships anymore.

“Yup,” Baxter continued.  “You have to laugh.”

Guy began to lighten up a little bit and regain his awareness.  He was actually smiling.  Guy laughed then Baxter laughed, and then both laughed in unison.

“Oh boy,” said Baxter as he sat in his chair and faced Guy.

The laughter continued into the night.


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