Dichotomy-Chapter 6

a short story of good and evil

Chapter Six


     Maureen’s husband was at his desk when he heard his name being paged over the intercom system.

     “Gary Gregory you have a telephone call on line two, Gregory, that’s line two,” the system echoed.

     When Gary picked the phone up the voice on the other end was low and to the point.  He was instructed to get to the main conference room immediately, and as soon as he hung up the phone he was on his way.

     “I’m sorry for interrupting you Gary, but I just received some information that you need to hear,” Commander Bright said.

     “Okay, lay it on me Commander,” encouraged Gary.

     “We’ll, we’ve known for a long time now that our opposition is using the Astrological Planetary System to sneak around and manipulate the masses, and we’ve been spending the majority of our time tracking their movement.  As you know, it has been our goal to catch up with the sons of bitches, however, our failure to do so isn’t a secret,” reminded Bright.

     “Yes, I’m aware,” answered Gary.

     “When you joined our organization we gave you something,” the Commander continued.  “The Scale, it was a Gift.”

     “Yes, I remember.  It’s sitting on the mantle over my fire place,” Gary stated proudly.

     “You’ve been a wonderful member of this team, and you deserve every reward you get, but the Scale was bait.  We knew the enemy would realize eventually they were one egg short of a dozen.  Let me get to the point,”  requested Bright.

     “Go right ahead Commander,” encouraged Gary.

     “If we lose the Scale then we lose our integrity.  We’ll also lose trust, and it won’t be long before our entire way of life becomes polluted and corrupted.  Protecting the Scale is one of our top priorities, and I know that that’s a tremendous amount of pressure, but that’s why we presented it to you as a gift.  You were calm not knowing what you were in possession of, and everyone else had piece of mind, but that’s not the situation now.  Early this morning I found out that someone located the Scale,” informed Commander Bright.

     “How,” asked Gary.  “It’s in my house for Christ Sake.”

     “I don’t have time to get into specifics,” Bright said.

     “So what now,” Gary asked.

     “You’re going home.  I want you to bring the Scale back here to guarantee it’s safety.  When you get here we’ll discuss the relocation plan,” ordered Bright.

     Gary left Area 31 immediately.  He was on the road en route to his house.  Maureen crossed his mind.  He thought about her getting attacked and defending the Scale all by herself with their children in the house.  Gary dialed home on his cell phone.

     “Maureen!  It’s me baby!  I’m coming home early,” Gary shouted.

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