Be Mine


I love you.

Did I tell you that already?  Don’t laugh, okay whatever.

Will you be my Valentine?

Do you remember all of those wonderful Valentine’s Day memories we created?  It was late in afternoon, and cold out.  I couldn’t wait to hold you.  We created fire.

So I unlocked the door to your apartment hoping you’d be home, but you were still at work.  I set the vase full of red and pink roses in the center of that table in your living room.  I put the chocolate on the night table next to your bed, and whispered I love you under my breadth.  After doing a few push ups and checking myself out in the mirror, I returned to the living room.  It was getting dark out so I lit a few candles and finished writing in the card I bought you.  You loved the way I wrote, and how I used to draw naked stick figures of us holding hands.

Before I knew it you were unlocking the door, and I’ll never forget the look on your face.  You were so surprised to see me standing there with a card in my hand.

“Baby,” you said running to me.

“Happy Valentines Day sweetheart.”

I held you in my arms, and we hugged and kissed.  Your face was freezing from the cold outside, and your cheeks were burning red.  You looked so cute.  We laughed and kissed some more.

Our night together was amazing.  We played with each other in the shower under the hot steamy water.  You dropped the soap, and I laughed.

I watched television while you cooked us dinner then we ate and drank wine.  Your cheeks turned red again.  You looked so cute.  We were in love.  After dinner we snuggled up close together on the couch under the same blanket.  The movie was good, but I couldn’t wait to get you in bed.

You were so good to me that night and many other nights as well, but Valentine’s Day always seemed special.  Your body was so tight, and I loved that natural heart that sat at the base of your spine.  Your love, our passion, we had sex, but we made love.  All night.  All morning.

I love you.  I know I told you that already, but I do, and it’s okay if you’re laughing because I am too.

Do you remember all those wonderful Valentine’s Day memories we created?

What are you doing this year?

Will you be my Valentine?





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