Get To The Bottom Of It

I think it’s really interesting how infatuated we are with space, and I must admit, I’m one of these people. Well, I can be. My interest for it comes and goes, but there is always a curiosity that lingers.

When we look up into the sky our minds seem to just wonder in amazement. Oh the possibilities are endless, and they don’t have to be from a scientific standpoint either. Just think about past civilizations and cultures that were so rich in mythological lore, and how they even used the sun and moon as instruments for measuring time.

What’s really interesting however, is that I often think we are stretching ourselves thin with space knowledge. I mean before we can become masters of another domain shouldn’t we conquer our own first?

On June 8th, 2011, there was an article published on titled “Mysteries of the Ocean Remain Vast and Deep.” Besides for mentioning June had been declared National Oceans Month, it also gave some very interesting statistics. As of year 2000, NOAA estimated 95% of oceans and 99% of ocean floors are still unexplored.

I think that’s incredible considering how eager we are to learn about ourselves as a species. Why do we spend so much time trying to get to places we’ve never been and can’t really get to without science and technology? Before science and technology we were still here standing around pretty much, but somehow we’ve learned both. We also been around way longer than cars and other vehicles. For a very long time we traveled the seas by boat. Can you imagine what’s probably laying on the ocean floor?

I think the keys to our history, origin, and evolution or creation are right here on good old earth. Everything starts from the ground and moves upward so wouldn’t it make sense to start on the ocean floor?

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