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     Some people laugh or say its not important when we talk about the spraying of chemicals in our skies, but the incident that made this topic important was the connection between naturally grown tobacco products and cancer. Was it the tobacco killing us or the chemicals that were sprayed on the tobacco?  Well, I guess we wouldn’t know until they stop spraying.

     I doesn’t make sense to me that anything grown from our Earth can be unhealthy for us.  Think about everything we grow for consumption.  It’s all natural, and therefore we humans have a need for it.  From food to medicine and narcotics, I don’t think any of it can be harmful unless the ground is contaminated or it’s sprayed with chemicals.

      Finally, the Philadelphia 76ers pulled a game ahead of the Boston Celtics.  Yesterday, the 76ers squeaked by the Pelicans 111-110.  The win improved their record to 39-22,and they moved up to 4th overall in the Eastern Conference.

     The Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling team was perfect this season finishing 14-0 in dual meets.  The Big Ten Wrestling Championships begin on March 9th, and the NCAA Championships on the 21st.

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