Are You Not Entertained

The year is 2107.   Economic conditions, and public institutions, although perhaps not totally to blame, are said to have given rise to rebellion.  More specifically, a powerful individual.  He’s a hero amongst the people,but nevertheless, rebellious.

He appears at a time when humanity is lost and without answers.  Humanity has made significant progress, but the current situation is at a stale mate.

The heroic man speaks up on behalf of the public, pointing to the lack of consideration for future planning within the systems they’ve grown to trust.

The crowd rallies behind him.  As the years pass the situation grows more intense.  Humanity is desperately seeking a savior.  They cry out with their arms raised, and they kneel to pray.  Their hero is right there though.

He’s on edge, and without thinking he jumps into action.  He steals himself a horse and rides into a mental holy war.   The screams are loud, there’s shouting, and people run for cover.

They’re evil, that’s what the hero tells himself.  He’s spirited, and he slays slowly, manifesting a destiny for a new world.

When he’s finished, he’s out of breath.  Breathing heavy atop his horse.  He’s sweating and blood drips from his sword.  As his current situation slows down he catches a glimpse of the crowd.

They just stare back, mouths open, and speechless.

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