Hiyadoin everyone.

Today is officially the first day of the Spring Season, although it doesn’t feel that way because it’s 28 degrees outside.

So let’s get into the commentary for today.  In the Town Square – A Place to be Heard section of today’s Morning Call newspaper on page 16, there’s an article titled, “SBA offers help to small business owned by women.”

Michelle Christian writes:

During Woman’s History Month in March, the U.S. Small Business Administration salutes women entrepreneurs who take risks to pursue their passions and to whom setbacks are just steps to success.

March is Women’s History Month?  Really?  I didn’t know that, and I think something like that is kind of a big deal.  Salute?

Michelle Christian continues:

This month, we honor their spirit and determination, and everyday we help them on their journeys.  All small business owners need a helping hand once in a while, whether it’s advice, funding, or encouragement from someone who has been there before. 

The article was well written and obviously informative, but it brings into question the divide among the people of this country. 

Does the SBA offer help to small businesses owned by Americans?  As we recognize and build up specific groups and sub-cultures that make up the whole, we create division.  Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. 

If you would like to join in on the conversation, you can do so by tapping the comment button below.  Thank you, and have a wonderful first day of Spring.

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