Beating the Frustration

I’m not a chat room guy, and I’m not a message board guy, however, every once in a pale blue moon I may comment on a video that interests me, and there it happens.

I find myself in an debate turning into an argument over an opinion.  I never understood why people debate or tell me I’m wrong, or absurd when I share a comment about a video.

We’re entitled to our opinions.  You cannot be wrong or absurd for posting whether or not you like something and why.  Usually, I’ll avoid reply’s all-together, but sometimes we bite and take the bait.

I don’t want to avoid leaving comments or allow someone’s feedback to deter me from participating in a conversation every now and again so I’m trying to create some rules to follow.

1.  If they ain’t legit, don’t say shit.  Do NOT reply to or engage in a conversation with a person who isn’t using a legitimate picture and name on their profile.  95% of troublemakers on message boards use fake names and or pictures.  They’re hiding.  We don’t want to deal with people who are hiding.

That’s the only rule I came up with so far.  Help me out, let’s put together at least 5 good ones.

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