You’re A Window Shopper

If you hire me, make me a staff writer, and pay me, I’ll be happy to share my ideas.

I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to be a reporter. Shit, I would’ve even ran for coffee if I had to. I graduated with a B.A., Arts and Communication and a Minor in Journalism, and I had no problems with starting on the bottom and working my way to the top.

I didn’t intern while I was in college, so I knew the deck was stacked against me in the writing field. I needed a break, but here in Pennsylvania, I never got one.

The Morning Call is a major publication in Pennsylvania, but I guess they didn’t want to take a chance and hire me, although I think I would’ve been fine with a little coaching.

Anyways, our conversations always went back and fourth. They said I needed to have six writing samples (published articles), and I said that’s impossible without a job in print media.

How’s a journalist supposed to get his or her first job? The writing samples have to come from somewhere, right? It never made sense to me.

That’s the past.

Today, I opened the Morning Call and started to read an article that looked awfully familiar. Could it be? Is a Morning Call journalist shopping my site for article ideas? I mean damn, you could’ve at least hit the follow button, or the like button.

Are you a copywriter, or a journalist? Show some originality, and get your own material. Stop biting my shit. No one at the Morning Call helped me.

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