Dichotomy – A Short Story of Good and Evil

Part 2

Chapter Eleven 

Wow.  Holy shit!  What the fuck is going on around here.  First, I’m in a fight with God over something that was given to me, then, I was robbed, and now you’re telling me you think you’re pregnant.


     With Bright in Siberia Gary was now the man in charge, but before returning to Area 31, Gary used the two weeks given to him from General Reddi to relocate his family.  Maureen loved Peters Town, she was definitely a little sentimental about leaving it behind, but she didn’t have much of a choice.  The genious planning work of General Reddi and Commander Bright played out exactly the way they both expected.  Baxter returned for his scale, and yeah, Guy came back for his.

     Since General Randall Reddi was going to brief Gary when he returned, Maureen thought it would be better if Gary heard directly from her about the situation with Guy.  Maureen, however, was obviously saving that talk for the end of their two weeks together.

Moving didn’t take long at all, which was one of the major perks that came with the job.  It was a relocation, and a relocation meant up and out.  There were no moving trucks and no workers wrapping up fragile items.  Maureen and Gary returned to their Peters Town home to gather their children, their pets, and their valuables.  From there, it was straight to the new home.

The new home was fully furnished and carefully selected for work related issues.  Also, they had children in school so that was taken into consideration as well.  It had to be in a location that was safe and private, but close enough for the children to get back and forth from school within a reasonable amount of time.  Their neighbors were ordinary, they had regular jobs, and of course, both sides were unaware of the craziness going on in the middle next door.  From Gary and Maureen’s perspective that was funny part.  Thinking about their neighbors, regular people working regular jobs and carrying on daily while people were walking in and out of time portals.  Can you imagine coming home from work and turning on the television news program, or how about the weather report?  In Maureen’s home a normal weather report was sunny and warm unless God came down from heaven.  Those are the little things they laughed at together.

Within the first week they were completely settled in their new home and acquainted with their neighbors.  They spent the remainder of the time relaxing and playing with their children who definitely needed some attention at this point.  As the week came to a close, Gary and Maureen went out for a special dinner.  They were alone without the kids.

The meal was fantastic, and they clinked glasses in a toast to celebrate their new home and new beginnings.  On the ride back to the house Maureen grew nervous.  She wanted to make love to Gary so bad, But she hadn’t since Guy came around.

She knew she had to tell Gary what happened, and it was overwhelming her now that the time arrived.  The vacation was over, and reality was coming on so strong it was diluting the alcohol she drank during dinner.  She turned to look at Gary while he was driving, and he briefly glanced back at her taking his eyes off the road.  They smiled at each other and kissed, which made Maureen a little more uncomfortable.

“Thank you for this amazing evening,” said Maureen with fragile voice.

“You’re welcome, we needed it,” Gary replied.  “You looked beautiful tonight.”

“Thank you,” Maureen said.  “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about Gary.”

“What’s on your mind Maureen,” Gary wondered with concern.

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