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Pharmacists Out Of Control

     Lets get something right.  If your doctor has to write a prescription for it, then it’s a controlled substance.  That’s it.  Every medicine behind the pharmacy counter is controlled.

     Pharmacist can’t and shouldn’t be picking and choosing what medicines they want to use to hassle customers with.  This is way beyond anything I’ve ever heard of.

     If you hand your local pharmacist a prescription written for lets just say, 30 tablets.  He or she can’t say, “I can only sell you 15 because it’s a controlled substance,” or “Come back in 15 days to get the other 15 because it’s a controlled substance,” or “I can give you the full amount of one of your prescriptions, but only a few of the other one because it’s a controlled substance.”

     What?!  That doesn’t even make sense.

     A pharmacist job/responsibility is to fill the prescription they’re given.  That’s it.  The medicine you take and the dose you take is between you and your doctor.  A pharmacist cannot and should not say things like, “That’s to high of a dose,” “You don’t need all those,” or “I’m only giving you this amount.”

     They have no control over any of that, and they need to stop using the phrase “It’s a controlled substance” because they’re not even using it in the correct context.

     At one time, I thought the pharmacist position as a professional was something special.  I thought they made big bucks.  I thought they had to have a college degree, and be sworn to secrecy about the drugs they were filling for customers because after-all, they are privy to information privatized by doctor-patient confidentiality.

     Now, you can go to a pharmacy and the employee filling the candy isle gets called to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions.  Instead of a 20-minute wait, it’s an hour, and when your name is finally called they tell you they’re out of the medication because someone bought it all last night.

     You couldn’t tell me that an hour ago?  What the fuck have you been doing for an hour? 

     Who can we speak to if this is going on?  Who is the boss of a pharmacist?  A better question is who’s training them.

     Please, just do your job.  Be professional, and just a little discrete.

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