Conquer Karma and Master Universal Law 2

     I would like to begin this second part article by revisiting certain key points.  We’re talking karma here.  We’re talking about getting back what you put out.  In Conquer Karma and Master Universal Law 1 I told you that if you wanted to be on the favorable side of karma then you must absolutely be sincere in your actions.  You should also be humble.

     Sometimes however, things just happen.  Sometimes things happen to people that are completely random.  I think it’s important to supply you, the reader, with additional information.  This topic for most people, is in one ear and out of the other, but if you are truly interested and you understand and you can relate to what I’m writing, than you’re an individual who will gain from this conversation.

     If you are on a spiritual path, really on a spiritual path, then you cannot in no way be a know-it-all, and I’m not saying that in a way like I’m trying to tell you what to do or how to act.  You just understand there’s a randomness about the universe, and it’s a beautiful thing because all experiences are opportunities for us to learn.

     I think the most important thing for me to share is we shouldn’t have a belief so strong about something like Karma that it limits our perceptions of it.

Anything related to the idea of, “what we put out eventually comes back to us,” is considered Karma.  It’s not always something like, “you get robbed, and someone steals from the thief  soon after.”

Here’s a good example of what I mean.  Your having a garage sale, and most of your customers are going to be your neighbors and people from your neighborhood.  You really enjoy hosting these sales because you enjoy watching other people get excited about things you haven’t looked at in years.  Everything is priced very low because you want to get rid of your stuff, you don’t want to carry it back in the house.

Someone comes along and steals a few items you were selling for  dollar.  You were very upset because one, they were $1 items, and two, the thief had to live close.  Just when you were about to let it ruin your day a new customer pulls up and buys the one item you thought you would never sell because it was really expensive.  Selling that one item made your whole sale worth it.

So you see, this is how it works sometimes.  Maybe nothing bad had to happen to the thief to complete the Karmic Circle, but rather, you were due for something good to happen to you.

After all, you really really enjoyed garaged sales.

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