9 11 Foreshadowing in Children’s Game


If you remember, I posted the picture of the Level 3 Map from the Nintendo classic game Zelda.  The shape of the map was a swastika, and it was shocking to see because I never noticed it when I was a playing the NES original game as a young child.

Here’s the second thing I found in the same game, which let me remind you, Zelda came out in the 80s.

The picture above is a room in the last Level, Level 9.  If you look in the upper left corner, you’ll notice the L has been cropped out, but the word is Level.  So you have Level – 9, and down the center of the room are two separate rows of blocks stretching from one end of the floor to the other.  It clear as day to see both rows make the number 11.

9 11  The number 9 from Level 9 and the columns show us 9 11.  Additionally, in this particular room you can use two bombs to blow two holes in the walls.

Foreshadowing the 9 11 explosion in a children’s game from the 80’s.  Two bombs and two explosions = two planes making two explosions into the two towers represented by the number 11 or the two rows of blocks on the floor.  On September 11, or 9/11.

Coincidence?  Write in, and let me know what you think.  What’s up?  I’m shocked.

I’ll leave you this shocker.  After using the bomb to blow a hole in the wall at the bottom of the screen, the next room you go into is the eye of the skull.  Oh yea, the shape of the Level – 9 map is of a skeleton.




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