The Devil Is In the Details

0324191551_Film2     The truth, is that signs are all around us.  We may not know what they mean, but I can assure you throughout your life there has been a trial of signs following you.  You’re making your own life daily.  Everyday you wake up and carry on with your plans, you’re allowing it to unfold.  You’re creating opportunities and opening doors revealing more and more about the secret-unseen force guiding and supporting you.

     The devil is in the details is an old saying many of us are familiar with, and it’s better to just remain familiar with it because in depth, it’s an entanglement.  In the end we may look back and think, wow, what have I been doing.  The problem arises when we stop to think about “the meaning of life and things.”

Please, don’t take that the wrong way.  I’m a spiritual person, and I’m walking my path everyday.  Reflection and contemplation are necessary, you just don’t want to get stuck in the awe of it all.

     Sometimes, for those of us who are just waking up to this, it can be very very exciting.  We want dive in head first and immerse ourselves in research because essentially, we’re waking up to our creativity.  We’re understanding that maybe something special does exist.  Coincidences aren’t so coincidental anymore.  It’s okay to admire.  It’s okay to look around and see what dots you can connect because in all actuality that’s part of what the spiritual path is about.

     There are companies that have fun with the symbolism, and some use it to mock and slam a joke on the public, but the good thing about symbolism is that the same sign or symbol won’t appeal to every person.  At least not in the same way.  Some people will look at that advertisement and see nothing more then a pack of cigarettes for $6.66.

     Some people will look at that pack of cigarettes and think the price is bad because they’re connecting $6.66 to 666 and then to something cult like or evil and demonic.  Other people will look and laugh at it.

     Some people might connect the Pyramid to the infamous All-Seeing-Eye and the back of the one dollar bill.  There really is an abundance of meaning in symbolism, and professionals or gurus on the subject say the idea or psychological reasoning behind symbols are to wake up the subconscious within us.

     When I see 666 it reminds of The Omen, a movie that came out in I think 1980.  The main character, whose name was Damien, was a child branded with the number 666 on his scalp making him officially, the Devil.  Pyramids make me think of Egypt of course although there are many places besides Egypt that have pyramids.  My mind will make the connection between the Pyramids and Egypt and then to the Orion Star Belt, the Dollar Bill, etc.

In reality I’ve never been to Egypt, and although I’ve been known to act devilish at times, I am not the Devil.  For me personally those signs or symbols don’t have much meaning, they do however trigger a wide array of thoughts and stimulate creativity and imagination.

There is quite a connection between real living experience and symbolism, but the key is real living experience.  Live, and let the story unfold.

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