We Need It


     Love is important.  It’s important in many ways.  I was watching a television show called “Blood Drive,” it was about the state of the world and what was happening in the future, which took place in 1999.

     A large corporation pretty much took control, and they were able to clone and robotize human beings.  This was just one small portion of the show, but there was a scene when a woman was very robot like and technical, and it was love, and love making that brought her back to her human form…for the most part.

     It’s important to feel love, to know love, and to share love, and touch is a basic human need.  Touch is a sense.  We can show love and share love love in many ways.  I can give you a heart, a card, maybe write some type of love-themed poetry to you.  I can tell you I love you.

     All of that is good, necessary, and perhaps, expected, but nothing can take the place of touch.  At some point, all humans will need hugs and kissing.  We all need romance and love making.

     How are your surroundings?  What are the people like around you?  Are they serious?  Is everyone really tight, and technically speaking?  There’s obviously a connection between all of those symptoms, and the depiction of the robotized human, especially technically speaking, technology, and robots.  It amounts to serious and stiffness.

     Show love.  Feel love.  Touch.  Romance.  It’s what makes us caring compassionate humans.

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