Pennsylvania News Briefing



Up until yesterday, Friday, May 31, police were allowed to stop and search an individual if they were carrying a concealed weapon.

The court decided a police officer’s KNOWLEDGE that a person is carrying a gun no longer grants reasonable suspicion to detain and investigate.

My Opinion- Awesome decision by the court, and a major win for we the people because think about it….if knowledge is the key word here as shown in all caps, what’s stopping a police officer from looking at a list of gun owners with concealed carrying permits and targeting someone on the list for no other reason than the fact they own a weapon and have a license to carry and conceal it?

I do not own a gun, but this article caught my attention because it actually benefits citizens, prevents unnecessary harassment, and prevents or eliminates the opportunity of detainment without reason.  It gives a little more freedom back to we the people.


Las Vegas Sands Corp. sold its Bethlehem Casino to WInd Creek Hospitality for $1.3 billion, a decision that was final almost twenty months after the initial sale was announced.


Life is interesting, and things always have a funny way of working out.

When you don’t lie, and you have nothing to hide…well…just pull up a chair and watch the show.  Up and down, highs and lows, stuck without faith and hardships grow.   🤘  Summer is coming, the circle it shines,  encircled the center, then twisted through time.  ❤⌛🙏🤟😛



  Have A Wonderful Day

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