Show Quote, Scene Making Sense

Let me first say that I loved the original Karate Kid.  Parts two and three were excellent as well, but there was something about the original.  Maybe it was because I could identify a little bit with Daniel Larusso since he was from Newark, New Jersey, and I was a kid growing up in New Jersey when it came out.

Then they remade the Original with Will Smith, and to be honest, I didn’t really go for it.  I like Will Smith, but the Karate Kid was a movie that just couldn’t be remade.

The best thing they could’ve done however, they did.  Cobra Kai!  I thought it was going to be corny, but I’m super impressed.  I just finished watching the last Episode of the first season, and it’s amazing.  The writing is excellent, the story line is believable and not far fetched, and believe me, there’s nothing cornballish about it.  It flows, and I’d much rather see the original cast of characters in their roles now moving forward, then having someone try to remake a masterpiece.

That brings me to the scene before the All Valley Karate Tournament when William Zabka (Sense Lawrence) is speaking to his students about “No Mercy.”


“The older you get the more you’re going to learn that life isn’t fair.  You wake up one morning feeling great, and life throws a spinning heel kick to your balls and takes a big steaming shit in your mouth. (LOL😆)  You get an F on a test, get suspended, fall in love with a girl, and another dude comes and steals her away.  Your car gets set on fire.  Just when you think things are going good, everything falls apart.  That’s how it goes.  Life shows no mercy. ..we do whatever it takes to keep our heads above water, we do whatever it takes to keep moving forward.  We do whatever it takes to win!”

                                                                                                   –William Zabka Cobra Kai

This scene really resonated with me because it’s the absolute truth.  Life shows no mercy.  That’s how it goes.  The sooner we except this, the better off we’ll be.  This scene just woke me up, it motivated me.  Seriously.  Life will beat you into submission if you allow it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful year, and making the most out of every day.  Let this scene and this quote motivate all y’all.


Have A wonderful Night


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