“At Will” Vs. Common Sense

If employees can leave their employer at any time, for any reason,  and without a prior notice, than that obviously means there’s no such thing as “Job Abandonment” in the state of Pennsylvania, and therefore, if in the future, the employee wanted to reapply, the employer cannot give”Job Abandonment” as the reason for not hiring him/her back, right?

Unless they have a contract specifying a certain length of time for employment, all employees in the State of Pennsylvania are considered “At Will.”

The “At Will” Doctrine was initiated in Pennsylvania in 1891, in order to help give people the freedom to chose their employment and leave employment without recourse from the employer, but for some reason, at some time, a spin was put on this.

Now, today, we seem to focus on the fact that an employer in Pennsylvania can dismiss an ‘At Will’ employee, at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice.

This spin has without a doubt, put employees at a disadvantage which is really fitting with what’s going on with employment today in general.

If you are healthy enough to work, and you really want to work, and you’re actively seeking employment, there should be an employer willing to hire you and offer you a job that fits your qualifications.  If you’re healthy and capable of performing your job responsibilities, and you really want to work, that should be enough for you to keep your job.

It just seems to me that if an employer fires you on the spot, there’s a very personal reason for why you’re getting fired because if you want to work and you’re capable of working then there shouldn’t be any problems on the job in the first place that couldn’t be worked out or adjusted to.  With this in mind, it seems employers are more often than not, hiding behind the “At Will” Doctrine, while making job seekers feel they’re “just lucky to have a job nowadays.”

I know someone who walked out of a place of employment because his supervisor was speaking to him disrespectfully and threatening to make him perform tasks that weren’t in his original job description because he couldn’t cover a shift.

Twice this employee was in a meeting and twice, a similar conversation took place.  After the second time this employee walked out and never came back.  A year later, he tried to reapply, and the employer said he wasn’t rehirable because he abandoned his job.  He was an “At Will” employee.  How could he be a non-rehirable based on job abandonment?

Screw that!  Right here on my blog I’ve talked about self-worth, and people understanding and giving credit to themselves for what they bring to a place of employment.  Employers should feel lucky when they rope in an employee who’s really qualified and cares about his job.  It is a job market where people compete for work.

In closing, I would like to mention if an employer can fire an uncontracted employee at any time without a prior notice, then they should be required by law to  provide a reason why.

Think how it must feel if you were released, let go, or fired from a job and not given a reason.  How are you supposed to improve yourself?  How are you supposed to ensure this doesn’t happen to you again if you don’t even know what you did wrong?


Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels

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