Prisoner To Your Past?

I cannot speak for everyone, but there are some who’ve made decisions in their past that cost them in their future.

The whole idea behind growing up, changing, and becoming a better person is based on those decisions and the life we used to live.  Some people decide early in their lives what they want, while others just kind of go with the flow without placing any importance on decisions or future plans.

Some people live their lives doing what they want and assume when it’s time for things to fall into place for them, it just will.

If you’ve recognized the mistakes you made and now commit yourself to making better choices, then you’re at peace with what you’ve done.  You’re moving forward knowing your future will be better because you’re making good choices today.

There are people who loved you and still do, and if those people were around you when you weren’t making the best decisions, than you’re choices probably affected them as well because they cared about you.

Not being at the top of your game and getting in trouble causes the people who care about you to stress and worry, but even they, at some point, must let it go.

It’s like you’re trying to move forward, but they’re holding you by the back of your shirt.  They stand firm and you run in place.  No one is making progress.  It’s not healthy.

Believe me, some people don’t believe in second chances, and nothing makes them more upset than seeing someone overcome.  You’re successful now, but all they can remember is how bad you were and how bad you made them feel.  You have to get away from these people.  If they can’t get over your past, then they’ll never let go of the back of your shirt.

They’ll always be the overcast on your sunny day.

But what if getting away from them is the ultimate rock bottom?  Bum status?

Well, you’ll be a free bum.  There’s nowhere else to go.

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