Our Very Own…..

The college football 2019 season is just about here, and I’m excited because……

here at Table Seven and Noozbuffet.com we have our very own College Football Playoff Ranking System.  This is extremely important because every year shit goes really good until conference championship week.

Eventually, we run into the issue of who should be playing who and who should be ranked where.  It becomes a huge mess and no one is ever really happy or confident when  the rankings come out.

Remember last season, UCF was undefeated but the polls were clearly favoring Notre Dame, and why the hell did Oklahoma State get to creep back in with 2 loses over the Buckeyes?

The noozbuffet.com College Football Top 8 Ranking System is flawless come crunch time.  We analyze, research, and in the end, were confident in how we pick the best matchups.

How the hell do we do it?  Well, that’s our secret.

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