Mond Is The Bomb; Texas A&M Primed For Upset Over Clemson

No, this is not a joke, Texas A&M could very well pull off an upset this Saturday, September 7th, when they play Clemson at 3:30, but in order to see this you must look past the cover.

The glamorous National Championship Trophy from last season, the then freshman phenom Quarterback Trevor Lawrence (who’s now a sophomore phenom), and of course, that impressive number one ranking are what we see immediately when we see Clemson, but it was this time last year that Texas A&M and Clemson played one of the most exciting games of the 2018 season.

A&M QB Kellen Mond threw a touchdown pass to Kendrick Rodgers with :43 left to play, and the Aggies pulled within two points.  Obviously, they didn’t convert, and the game ended 28-26.  Clemson won the game and went on to win the National Championship.

Kellen Mond and Kendrick Rodgers are back this season with a host of other players who were apart of a young Texas A&M team that was actually rebuilding in 2018.

If the Aggies beat Clemson last year it would’ve been an upset, and they came so close.  Clemson was winning the game 14-3 at half time, but it could’ve been 14-9.  A&M missed a field goal attempt and had one blocked.  It could’ve been a 14-9 game with Texas A&M getting the ball to start the third quarter.

The game was still 14-3 with 6:43 on the clock in the third quarter.  Texas A&M had the ball and they were driving when suddenly, Kellen Mond came up limping.  He left the game for a play and in his absence, the backup QB got hit and fumbled the ball.  Clemson recovered and scored on the turnover.

Mond returned to the game on the next possession and the Aggies scored on two plays.  The first was a 67 yard pass to WR Buckley who was tackled on the 9 yard line, and then, that amazing touchdown pass and catch.  Mond threw past five Tigers towards the back of the endzone, and Kendrick Rogers jumped and snagged it out of the air.  Texas A&M was trailing Clemson by 8.

On the very next drive Clemson answered with a touchdown of their own, and increased their lead 15.  The score was 28-13, but while you were up getting more potato chips, Texas A&M scored again on another touchdown pass from Mond, and just like that it was 28-20.

With 2:13 left, A&M fumbled and turned the ball over on Clemson’s 1 yard line, but they held the Tigers.  They got the ball back, and scored the games final touchdown with just under a minute to play.

I told you this game was exciting.  Texas A&M should’ve and could’ve won the game.  Don’t forget, they missed two field goals and turned the ball over twice from fumbling, and still, they almost upset Clemson.

It was also during this game that Trevor Lawrence threw a touchdown pass on his very first play for Clemson as a true freshman.

Here we are again, new season, same week, and both teams are 1-0 after winning their openers.  If last year was a rebuilding season for the Aggies then they should be a real contender this year.  I think Texas A&m will be mature enough and have enough confidence to win this game.

Texas A&M finished the 2018 season with a 9-4 record.  They had two huge wins over (13)Kentucky, and (8)LSU, and two of their four loses came at the hands of (1)Clemson and (2)Alabama who eventually played for the National Championship.

Perhaps it will be the Aggies playing for the National Championship this year, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  

Frankie Flash Feature Pick 

Clemson -17.5 Texas A&M

Texas A&M

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