College Football Week 2

College football coming up this weekend September 7th.

(5) Ohio State


Both teams are 1-0, but Cincinnati is one of those teams that play the Buckeyes tough.  They’re not that bad either.😉   Last season they finished 11-2 and ranked 24th in the final AP Poll.

Rutgers 1-0

(20) Iowa 1-0

Both teams coming fresh off a week one win, Rutgers held UMass to three scoreless quarters and won 48-21.  QB Nate Stanley threw for 252 yards and 3 touchdowns for Iowa in their win over Miami (OH)

Army 1-0

(7) Michigan 1-0

Last week Army beat Rice with a fourth quarter touchdown, and Michigan beat Middle Tennessee 40-21.

(6) LSU 1-0

(9) Texas 1-0

Here’s an early treat!!!🔥🤟  Last week LSU beat Georgia Southern by 52.  WR Terrace Marshall Jr. scored 3 touchdowns, and QB joe Burrow threw for 5 total.  Texas beat Louisana Tech 45-14.

Nevada 1-0

(16) Oregon 0-1

Nevada had a big win against Purdue.  Purdue dominated the first half, but the Wolf Pack scored 17 points in the 4th quarter and held the Boiler Makers to zero.  Nevada QB threw touchdown paasses and Toa Taua was quite busy catching and running the ball.

Oregon, well, they had a big loss against Auburn.  A win this week is absolutely necessary for the Ducks if they expect to remain in the Top 25.

Tulane 1-0

(10) Auburn 1-0

Auburn’s big win against Oregon gives them a tremendous wave of momentum coming into week 2.  Tulane beat Florida Intl. 42-14 in their season opener.

Obviously, the week two schedule will be full of amazing games this weekend, so there will be tons of action.  As always we’re extremely excited here at Table Seven and for another football season.  You know, you wake up one morning in late August or early September, and you can smell the freshly cut grass.

The school busses are zooming around town, and late in the afternoons you can hear high school bands practicing, if you live close to a school of course, but the point here is that you know it’s time.  You can feel it, you can hear it, and you can smell it.  It’s football season.

Alright Everyone, Have A Wonderful Evening And A Fabulous Saturday.

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