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What’s going on Y’all?

I wanted to take a moment to weigh in on social media.  As you know, I’m the owner of, and I also have a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.  I communicate through all three outlets.  I’m not nor do I ever plan on hiding behind my screen.  I’m a writer at heart, but I have a passion for seeking facts, truth, and researching.

I’m here to help, and the best way I can do that is by sharing my personal experiences.  I post my real pictures, and my real name and information because I’m not hiding from anyone, and I’m not doing anything wrong.

Now, if you want to be stupid on Twitter or Facebook and send ignorant comments, pointless insults, and threats behind an account with no picture and a name like G232475648375, well, I’m just going to fucking block you.

In addition, all you really do is fire me up and motivate me to write more.  So in a way, I’d like to thank you before I block you.  Nooz Buffet has been up for just about a year and I have 50,000 words published.  Keep it coming.

Moving forward, you should not even be allowed to have a Twitter account or any other social media account without providing real legitimate information about yourself.  There would without a doubt, be a lot less scumbags and cowards on stage.

Thank you.

Alright Everyone Have A Good Evening



7 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. In a way, I understand what you’re saying, but it’s also important to protect your family and innocent people around you (like children). So I don’t think providing a real name should be necessary. There’s a lot of crazy, bad people out there.

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  2. If you’re using social media with a fake name and a picture that’s not you, then you’re a fake and your comments are meaningless. You shouldn’t have an online presence if youre not willing to at least stand behind what you say by legitimizing yourself. I’m not saying all your information has to be publicly displayed.


  3. I didn’t say you should be forced to post your contact information for the world to see. I’m saying there needs to be a way of legitimizing people who use social media because there are many people who are on here threatening people insulting people and really not adding any value, and more often than not it’s someone with fake information. Tara, we’ve been speaking for almost a year now but I know caribou is not your real last name, but when I first met you on here I thought it was. Then i did some research and found out caribou is a reindeer or something. No offense to you or your work, but I dont really know who you are.


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