Court Response; Way Too Coincidental

In January 2019, I decided I wanted to become a teacher again, but I don’t live in New Jersey now, I live in Pennsylvania.  In New Jersey, I already completed the Master’s Courses for a Teaching Certification in Early Childhood Education, and that was in 2007, but because I’m in a different state, different rules apply.

I tried to apply to the Master’s Program at Cedar Crest College, and they rejected my application.  Unbelievable!?!?

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to substitute teach because it would give me a chance to get some classroom experience again, and I could meet teachers and other professionals in the school system.  Perhaps, this would increase my chances of getting accepted into a Master’s Program, and I could get my Pennsylvania Teaching Certification.

I applied to the Substitute Teacher Service in March 2019, and part of that application process was a criminal background check, an FBI background check, and Child Abuse History Clearance, a TB Test, three references, and college degree, and the list goes on.

During my interview with STS, they said I might not be hirable until the school year of September, 2020 because I had a misdemeanor on my background check.  They said the law/rule is that if you have a misdemeanor 1, you have to wait 5 years until you can be cleared to teach.  I didn’t have a misdemeanor 1.

My paperwork went through, and STS hired me in April 2019, and I worked in the Allentown School District for the remainder of the school year.

In August 2019, I got an email saying that a company named ESS was taking over the Allentown School District account and STS was no longer in service there.

So now, I work for ESS as a substitute teacher in the Allentown School District, but I’m still an employee of STS.

I asked the person who hired me at STS if I could work in the Bethlehem School District since the Substitute Teacher Service still had that account, and she said she would forward my paperwork.  When she got back to me, she informed that Bethlehem wasn’t going to allow me to work in their district until the school year of 2020 because I had a misdemeanor on my background check.  She said I had to wait 5 years.

I argued back.  I told her we already covered this issue when you hired me.  Why is it an issue now?

She said Bethlehem reserves the right to choose who they want to work in their district, and I said, maybe that’s true, but you’re telling me they’re not hiring me because of the misdemeanor on my record.

Long Long story short, I called an attorney because I wanted to sue the Bethlehem School District and the Substitute Teacher Service for not letting me work during the 2019, 2020 school year.  That was two days ago.

Last night I had a dream that I was shitting in a stall with no door on it in front of the courtroom in Allentown  Everyone in court was laughing at me and the judge was taking pictures.

Today, I got served a letter that I owe the State of Pennsylvania 8,500 dollars.  I’m not really sure what that’s about, but that seems really coincidental.

Write in, and let me know what you think.  Alright everyone, have a good day.

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