Feature Game Follow Up; NCAA College Football Week 7

I hope everyone slept last night, and I hope we didn’t lose too much money on this one.  Table Seven is now 3-2-1 versus the spread.  Welcome everyone!  It is the day after college football week 7, and this thang here is our Feature Game Follow Up.  What the heck happened?


It’s unfortunate that it had to come under these circumstances, but after the seventh week of college football, we know for sure Wisconsin is a very, very good football team.  They’re almost a little old school with a balanced methodical offense, and a tough ass defense.  LOL, we said it was almost impossible to score on them, but c’mon Michigan State!  Damn!

So offensively for Wisconsin, Jack Coan was 18-21, with 180, and a touchdown.  He didn’t fumble, and he didn’t throw any interception.

Here’s the stat I loved; 26 carries with 80 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Those stats belong to Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor, and what do they show?  They show a commitment to the running game.  Twenty six carries?  LOL, that’s Ron Dayne shit right there!  Loved it!

Seriously though, it shows WIsconsin was committed to running the football and controlling the clock, which is what you do when you have a running back you believe in, and a defense no one can score on.

The Badgers had 402 yards of total offense yesterday.  WR Quintez Cephus had a 19 yard TD catch that brought the score up to 14-0 in the second quarter, and Kendric Pryor (MAN THAT GUY IS FAST!) had that 66 yard touchdown run in the fourth.

Wisconsin played a smooth clean game.  They had one penalty.

I’m an Ohio State fan, but look out Big 10.  Wisconsin is for real.

Michigan State had 5 penalties yesterday that cost them 40 yards.  They were also held to 149 yards of total offense, 30 of those were rushing.  QB Rocky Lombardi was 5-14 with 66 yards.  Wow!  He also threw 2 interceptions, and one was returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Yes, Wisconsin did have a defensive touchdown yesterday.

It wasn’t all bad for Michigan State Yesterday, they were losing 17-0 all the way until the fourth quarter.  They even faked a punt on fourth down, and I thought for sure extending that drive would lead to a touchdown, but it didn’t.  Wisconsin had a 21 point explosion in the final quarter that put this game away and made it look like a blow out.  The Spartans hung in there, but honestly, Wisconsin is on another level right now.

Okay everyone enjoy your Sunday, and thank you for logging in to read our Feature Game follow Up.  I hope you went your own way yesterday when it came time to laying the cash down because we were off, big time with Michigan State +10.5.  We’re now 3-2-1 versus the spread.  See you all Thursday.

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