Reconnecting & Sharing Some love

Wow.  What’s up everyone?  How y’all doing?  It has definitely been a while since connecting with all of you, but I finally have a free moment.  Here at Table Seven things have gotten busy out of nowhere, mostly because of college football season.

I know not everyone who follows my blog is into football, but that’s pretty much what I’ve been busy covering with The Table Seven Top 6, the Feature Game Analysis, and then the follow up on Sunday morning.  That’s all content produced weekly so I’ve been writing, scheduling, and then getting some other stuff done outside of working on the website.

We kind of flow along with the seasons here, and the changeover from summer to fall happened in September, but here we are more than three quarters into the year.  Before you know it, we’ll be counting down for 2020.  2020!

Just a reminder in case you forgot, we take off the last week of December and the first week of January.  We definitely need that down time, and it also gives us a chance to prepare and plan some new content for the upcoming year.

How’s everyone doing with their workout and weight training routines?  I think we all started up together in October 2018.  I shared some of my routines, you can check those articles out in the archives, but I hope everyone is sticking with it and achieving their goals.  Trust me when I tell you, we are in sync here, so if you feel like your life is in disarray, follow along.

In the beginning of this year we posted that picture of a plant just starting to sprout up through some rocks, and it was our way of saying, “we’re going to make some decisions, we’re going to plant some seeds, and even though the conditions are less than favorable and literally, rocky, we’re going to have a year of growth and accomplishment.”


I joined Planet Fitness in October of 2018, and I hadn’t been to a gym in fifteen years.  I’m still going, and I really hope all of you are as well and achieving your health and fitness goals.

What’s up with work?  LOL.  If you’ve been following along you probably read those two articles about “At Will” employment, if you haven’t, they’re still up on the homepage I think.  Here in Pennsylvania the laws regarding uncontracted employees are “At Will,” which means you can be fired without a reason.  After being fired twice for no reason, I started realizing that no one gets fired for no reason.  Then I went a little deeper and realized employers can and do fire you for any reason they want regardless of Federal Laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace because they’re hiding behind the ‘At Will” shield.

Well, get ready for the movement because I decided to fight it, and we’re probably going to start with a petition to have it removed.  Forever.  If you live locally and you would like to get involved. check back here at for updates.  You can also check my twitter page.  That shit isn’t right.  Equality, that’s what I’m about.

I hope you guys are having an easier time with work and fining careers you’re happy with.  For those of you have, congratulations!  For those who are still struggling, stick with it.  Trust me, I know it can be very difficult, but don’t give up.  I’m 39, and my career path is finally opening up.  I worked for minimum wage with a college degree just to stay working.  LOL, yeah, you don’t know the half of it, but like I said, stick with it.  Even if you can’t find a job immediately that’s going to pay you for doing what you love, take any job to secure an income, and do what you love on the side.

Be patient, but be persistent.  0924191207_Film2

Like a snake.  🤣  LOL.  I was walking home from the gym two weeks ago and I almost jumped into traffic to avoid this nasty creature.  As much as I really wanted to keep walking, I said let me go back and take a picture of it for the website in case I write something about snakes, lol.  I didn’t know what the hell I was going to use it for, but here it is.  It’s a perfect picture for the analogy.  Yay, I got to use the snake picture.

Speaking of pictures, I would like to thank for their amazing collection of pictures.  For all my readers with blogs of their own, check out if you’re in a jam and need pictures.  They have a really nice selection of free photos.

How beautiful is October?  The summer is over, and it’s not really hot.  It’s not too cold yet either because it’s still not winter.  The temperature is kind of warm with a cool breeze, and it’s sweatshirt chilly in the morning.  The leaves are turning colors. 💕   If I had my way (but I don’t) I would just bury myself in blankets, hit loop on the movie playlist, and cuddle up all day.

Some time next week I’m going to post November’s 52 card “body head spread” tarot reading.  The readings are getting really good, but they are general.  If you like the video and you’re resonating with it, write in and request something a little more specific and personal.

I would like for you guys to write in more anyway.  We always welcome your opinions with open-unbiased arms.  Seriously.  We like hearing from you.  Like us, follow along, whatever.  Let’s get this community thing going.  I follow and support, and I can be annoying sometimes, but I love reading what other people are writing and posting.  I love the arts, and I admire people who are good at what they do.  I’m not gonna blow them or anything, I’m just saying.

Well, I guess that about wraps it up.  Like I said, it has been a while since I felt like I was connecting with all of you, but posts like this always do the trick.  You know, just casually writing and catching up.

Have a good night, and enjoy your Friday.  It’s the last day of the week!



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