Feature Game Analysis; NCAA College Football Week 8

Feature Game Analysis

NCAA College Football Week 8


Saturday night at 7:30, October 19th, the Michigan Wolverines and the Penn State Nittany Lions will get it on at Beaver Stadium.  Yes, Penn State is home and favored by 9 points.

(16)Michigan is 5-1, and believe me, they don’t want to be 5-2.  Despite travelling to Pennsylvania, Michigan will be playing with tremendous confidence this weekend, and not just because of that win over Iowa.  In their last five meetings, Michigan is 4-1.  Last season, Michigan bitched Penn State 42-7.  The Wolverines will not be taking Penn State lightly, but when they step on the field with the Nittany Lions, they’ll step with a sense of..”yeah, we’re here too, what’s up?”  COnfidence.

Penn State is undefeated (6-0), and they’re ranked seventh in the country.  There’s a lot to talk about if you’re a Penn State fan, but here’s what they’re not mentioning; Idaho, Buffalo, Pitt, Maryland, Purdue, Iowa.  Those are the six teams Penn State beat this season so you tell me,  who besides Iowa is even worth mentioning.  Okay, maybe Pitt, but Pitt is a 4-2 team that will probably finish the year with 5 or 6 loses.

Penn State?  Unproven.  The only thing we know about Penn State is Jan Johnson has 44 tackles.

Feature Game Winner

Michigan Wolverines (UPSET!)

Feature Game Winner V.T.S.

MIchigan +9

Short and sweet is this week’s theme.  We think Michigan will travel to Pennsylvania and upset Penn State this Saturday.  We also believe Michigan will cover that 9 point spread and bring us to 4-2-1 versus the spread this season.  Thank you so much for following us this week, and reading both the Table Seven Top 6, and the Feature Game Analysis.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check back Sunday for the Feature Game Follow Up.



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