Why would you post an ad and not say whether you are male or female?

This was the question I found in my yahoo inbox this morning.  Yesterday, I posted on craigslist, (I don’t even know why), but I posted on craigslist that I might be looking for a room or small apartment in the area of where I could be working in April.

First of all, I told this person that what I’m posting on craigslist is no business of YAHOO SECURITY.

I then asked, why would I need to reveal my gender for renting a room or apartment.  I also asked if they were a gender discriminating scumbag.

Then they respond acting like they were offering me advice, and it’s really my loss if I don’t state if I’m a man or woman.

Look, I didn’t violate any rules pertaining to my Yahoo email account so please leave me alone.

This is now the second time in a week that I seem to be having an issue.  Facebook suspends my dating account for no reason, and now YAHOO SECURITY is concerning themselves with what I’m posting on Craigslist.

What’s Up?  It seems like a personal problem to me.

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