Corona + Virus =

Coro- a word referring to core
Coron- an island in the Philippines
coron (2)
Corona- Latin for “crown”
Corona- the aura of plasma surrounding the sun seen only during a total solar eclipse.  There will be 224 solar eclipses during the 21st century, only 68 will be total.
Corona- a card game also known as Solitaire or “Patience.”
Corona- referring to the head of the penis……..
…or lego hair
lego head hair
…….or that old Corinthian War Helmet
going to war with dicks on our heads?
Corona- an automobile made by Toyota only available in Japan
Virus- a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism.
Virus- Latin “virus” meaning poison, or Sanskrit “visa” meaning poison.
Process of elimination- if a virus is an infection that replicates only inside living cells, than this has nothing to do with:
  1. A car made by Toyota
  2. That old Corinthian War Helmet
  3. Lego Hair

Corona=our heads, our very core


Coronavirus= infection of the crown, head poisoning

There is a very important connection above, but you have to remove the distractions to see it.

When an eclipse removes the light of the sun, we can look at it and see the corona that’s otherwise invisible.

Coronation is the act of placing a crown on a monarch’s head.


Corona + Virus =  sick in the f@#$ing head!

Thank you Wikipedia for the Photos.




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