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I have a lot going on in my personal life.  I work, I go to school when I’m allowed, and of  course,  I have my love and hobby on the side right here at

I’ve been thinking a lot too, and I’ve been thinking about how in another five months we’ll have been on the web for three years.  Almost 300 published pieces, and over 80,000 published words is a lot of production and time spent on something that’s a hobby.

However, I did say love too so…well, when you really love something you’re not tracking words or articles or time spent working.

I’m taking it all in now, and this is it.  It’s 2020, and the world of media and journalism has really become the wild west.  It really has.  I mean, mainstream media is giving jobs to writers who are publishing their own opinions, and even news outlets themselves are giving us the news from either a democratic or republican point of view.

2020 is a brand new millenium and a new age of writing and media.  Blogs like Table Seven are it.  We’re at the forefront.  Truth.  That’s where this is going.  People want the truth, and this is turning into a f@!#ed up business because the truth is unpaid, it’s making people question themselves, and it’s putting a lot of bitches out of work.

We’ve put money ahead of a lot of things over the years, and we’ve ignored the truth to keep making that money, but you can only get away with that for a few generations.  Eventually, it’s going to be your kids, grand-kids, or great-grand-kids that are going to have to let that money go, and face the truth.  

So look, I don’t want to scare anyone, but the truth is scary.  Change is also scary, and let’s face it, our world is changing.  I’m not telling you to give up your nightly news program, or stop buying your favorite newspaper, I’m just asking that you keep an open mind to what you’re reading on here because it’s the truth.  

Also, I’m working on a book right now, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  You’re gonna love it!  Alright, have a good night!

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