Nooz Update 05.07.2020

Welcome, friends, followers, fans, readers.  How’s everyone doing?

Rising up tonight at 8:32 will be a full moon in Scorpio.  That’s not a bad place for the moon to be.

You know, I was thinking about what positives could possibly come out of this Covid-19 situation, and I’ve come to this conclusion.

We’ve never been in a situation like this where a stay-at-home order was in effect, but in extreme situations such as this, we look for answers and explanations.  We have questions that we want answered.

Where do we go?  If nothing else our awareness regarding a chain of command had been sparked.

From living a day to day life and feeling like an insignificant speck, we’re quickly reminded of the governing structure that rules us.

The President has 50 states to worry about, the Federal Government is a machine that oversees the entire country.  So, our immediate source is at the state level.  First town, and then the state.

We’re not just a speck, we just haven’t had a need, or recognized a need to have ourselves heard or noticed.



That’s the link to the CARES ACT, which is the economic stimulus bill passed for us because of the Covid-19.

Read all about it.

The Bill was passed, and we all should be getting the money we’re eligible to receive.  If your local government is giving you the run-around and telling you the Federal Government didn’t sign the Bill yet and there are no funds available……

Give them this link, and tell them their information needs to be updated.  If you filed taxes this year, this money should be automatically flowing into you account (if you have direct deposit of course.)

It’s beautiful outside.  This Spring season has brought us weather that I haven’t seen or
felt in a long time.  Enjoy it.  I’ve been.  Usually we get a long cold winter that blends into
a real hot summer, without a spring or fall, but this year is different so far.


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