Nooz Update 5.15.2020

Hello!  How’s everyone doing ?

I had some time to sit in the sun today and soak up that vitamin D.  Vitamin D is essential for overall health and body function, and I do take a vitamin D supplement, but nothing replaces that good old sunshine.

I would like to remind every that the stay-at-home- order is unconstitutional, and a government that enforces it is overreaching and tyrannical.

When the government no longer works for the people, we the people have the right to abolish it and start anew.

As you know I watch a plethora of news sources, and it’s unbelievable how not on the same page they all are.  Some stations are telling us the infection rates and death rates are going up, but then another channel shows people outside protesting that no one is dying.

I think it is important to reopen the economy, and allow the people who aren’t sick an opportunity to earn a paycheck.

      💈  There was a story about a Michigan barber shop owner having his hair cutting license stripped by the Governor for opening up his shop against her orders.  After being closed for three months, this man had no income and was on the verge of losing his business.  He said he wasn’t trying to piss anyone off or be defiant, he just needed to work.  I think that case is in court right now as we speak.

     💉  President Trump said in an interview, that a Covid-19 vaccine could be available by the end of this year.  He also said he may be calling on the military to make sure people are getting their medicine.  I do not agree with this.  I do not think mobilizing the military is necessary, and again, it’s not sitting right with a lot of Americans either.  Personally, I think there’s enough personnel between police, firefighters, hospital workers, red-cross, and other organizations to get the vaccines where they need to go.  Why the military?  Perhaps, they’re going to force people to do something they don’t want to do, and the government is expecting resistance and pushback?  Keep your eyes on that situation!

      ⚾ The Major League Baseball’s opening day has been postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions.  League officials remain optimistic about opening in June.

       🏈  The XFL has cancelled its 2020 season, and from what I’ve read, their 2021 season as well because of Covid-19 complications.  That’s a real shame, I thought the XFL had a nice product, and their games were enjoyable to watch.  I tweeted Vince McMahon requesting an interview, but he has not responded.

      🪐  Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius has returned to Aquarius on March 21st.  It will go retrograde and fall back into Capricorn on July 1st.  On December 17th, it will return to Aquarius and remain there until March 7th, 2023.  Popular culture has been saturated with Saturnian symbolism, and subliminally, our collective subconscious has been on a Saturn programming routine for quite some time.  Saturn is the planet of restrictions, hard work, and discipline.  Saturn’s call is for us to learn and make gains through hard work and dedication.  Aquarius is the 11th house sign, which is really interesting considering everything that’s been going on in the news lately.  The 11th house represents groups, friendships, social awareness, professional networking, and humanitarianism.

     ⛽  The price of gasoline is dramatically low.  In South Philadelphia we’ve seen it as low as $2.05 per gallon.

🥒  This just makes people laugh.


Friends around the world and fellow Pennsylvanians..

Have a safe and blessed day.



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