Importance of Protesting

Why do we protest?

United we stand, divided we fall.

The founders gave us the Bill of Rights to protect us from an overreaching government.

The first amendment guarantees our right to practice a religion of our choice, even if it’s devil worshipping.

The first amendment guarantees our right to a free and unbiased press, and that includes the publishing of public information no matter how damaging it may be.

The first amendment guarantees our rights to peacefully assemble, and speak freely.

People come out of their homes to protest for many reasons.  We have concerns, and we don’t want to be in a situation where anyone of us are the odd-person out.

There’s a stay at home order in effect that’s unconstitutional.  Anyone who understands the severity of the infringement of our rights is not going to stay in, but they don’t want to be the only person, and they aren’t supposed to be.

The government is saying stay inside and isolate, but the people are saying wait a minute, something is wrong here, we need to get out there and be heard.

In China right now, people are getting arrested for questioning the Coronavirus narrative.

If we don’t get out and exercise our rights, that could be us, one day, getting arrested for asking questions and expressing our opinions.  That could be your children one day.  That could be your grandchildren.

The line here is very fine. 

People don’t realize how close we are to another Revolution.  Do your research about the “shot heard around the world.”  A British Soldier fired a shot into a crowd of citizens, and that’s what kicked off the Revolution.

Nobody wants to live through another 1776 Revolution, and nobody want to live through another Civil War.

Consider this scenario. 

Our second amendment guarantees us the right bear arms.  Yes, we do have the right to protect and defend ourselves and it’s exactly because of the situation we’re in right now.

The government orders an unconstitutional demand, the people recognize what’s going on and protest. When the people of New Jersey were out protesting several weeks ago, they were met by state police who told them to leave and go home, but the people resisted and stayed.  The people were right.

The police tried to send people home, but quickly realized they were wrong.  Having the right to own and carry a firearm is to protect us in situations like that.  That’s why they don’t want people owning guns.

I’m not a political person, but I’ve recently recognized the importance of familiarizing myself with the Bill of Rights.

There’s only one way to live, and that’s free.  The Natives that occupied the North American Continent before the Colonies were established lived without government.  I’m not suggesting we go back there, but I’m saying once you implement a governing body over a free public, these are the issues that arise.

When this is all said and done, we the people will need to demand an investigation.  We cannot let this pass like we did 911 and the Patriot Act.

Thank you.

Have a blessed and safe weekend.


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