Jentry 2

Today was one of those days, but it was a good day.  Weather wise, it was pretty crappy though.  I was outside walking almost the entire day, and there was a constant mist.

You know that rain where it’s not coming down hard, but it’s just a steady mist?  The kind that if you’re in all day, you’ll be soaked, and confused because it really didn’t seem like it was raining, but it was.

It was humid too, but enough about the weather.  I’m just in this weird situation right now where I need to work.  I needed to work and make money yesterday, but for reasons beyond my control, my plans keep getting delayed.

Enough sitting around though right?  If you follow my blog, you probably know I’m going back to school for a teaching certification, but for work, I’ve been substituting.  Until the district was closed because of Covid-19.

I can’t keep waiting, and I think there’s a really good lesson to be learned here about moving on and moving forward even though you might actually be walking down a different path than you intended.

So, I went to the Amazon recruiting center today because I was supposed to complete the “final step” to a tedious hiring process, and get my start date confirmed, but there was a mix up with the shift time.  I don’t really want to work over night.  Then I walked to a couple of other places and dropped off a resume, so we’ll see.

Tomorrow, same thing.  I cannot wait any longer for what I want to happen because it seems like the harder I try, something beyond my control prevents me from doing what I want.  Is it personal?  Some no, some maybe.

I will keep applying, and I will keep trying everything and anything else.  I’m not getting younger.  There’s a life that I have envisioned for myself, and I will have it even if it means flying to another part of the country and moving to a different state.

How is everyone else doing?  Write in.  You know we encourage feedback and dialogue, and I would love to chat.  Have a great night, and a wonderful day tomorrow.

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