Sports in America

We must see things for what they are, and not for what we would like them to be. There will always be an element, or a group of people that seek to ruin a good thing. Sports in America are good, and they’re necessary because of what they represent and the qualities they instill.

America is united, and the people of sports teams unite for a cause. Through sports we learn the concept of coming together for a goal, and that goal is winning. A team is made up of humans, people of different colors, religions, and ethnic backgrounds, and sports in this country are set up for children by the time they reach age ten.

Wars, racial issues, prejudices, and civil unrest are nothing new to the people of this country, afterall, we did fight for our freedom, but we should constantly strive to overcome our differences. Some people do, and some don’t. Sports are by no means the answer to all the problems in this country or our communities, but they are necessary because they attempt to teach. They instill the qualities we need to be successful as adult men and women.

Sports, for that reason, should be protected from the ‘element’. Sports should be free from any and all religious and political propaganda. The people who get it, need to prevent the infiltration of the ‘element’ because the element wants to destroy something good. The element wants to destroy the integrity of the game, and ultimately, the game itself.

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