Movie Review

Ray Liotta fans, if you haven’t seen the 2004 thriller, Control, it’s a must see.  Liotta plays a crazy sociopath, who ends up in the care of a doctor (WIlliam Defoe) who at first appears only concerned with the progression of his career and the promotion of an SSRI medication that’s supposed to completely change his patient’s interior, but by the end, they’re on the same team and both are trying to stay alive.

What really caught my attention is the scene when the doctor says, “back in the day they used to preform frontal lobotomies on people by slicing a portion of their brains off, but today, they do it in a more civilized manner, biochemically.”

With all the talk about SSRI’s today, I thought that was really interesting.

A must see.  I give it “five takes.”


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